Galaxy S9 Plus MNML Case

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Say goodbye to those bulky ugly looking cases that do nothing for you.
Say hello to the MNML Case which will change the way you think about phone cases forever.

  • MINIMALIST - A case made for those who love minimal design. No branding and unnecessary clutter. This just might be the case you’ve been waiting for!
  • UNREAL THIN - Do you know what 0.35mm looks like? I didn’t think so. It’s barely noticeable!
  • PERFECT CUTOUTS - The case fits your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus like a glove, exposed buttons and ports are perfectly cut giving you full easy access. The camera cutout has a raised bump to protect your camera on surfaces. The front of the case has a raised rim to protect your phone’s screen from scratching.
  • NO FINGERPRINTS - Covered in a fine, matte texture which feels terrific and, unlike glossy plastic Galaxy S9 Plus cases, effectively repels fingerprints and dirt.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We live by the old saying "Happy Customer Happy Life!"

3 quick reasons why the MNML Galaxy S9 Plus Slim case is the right case for you:

Minimalism is not only in style but it also is a way of life. You can’t get more minimal than the world’s thinnest case coming in at just 0.35mm thin.
”Once you go minimal you never go back”

2. SHOW OFF YOUR Galaxy S9 Plus
The Galaxy S9 is a beautiful phone and it should be seen, not hidden behind some bulky case. MNML case gives you scratch protection and a little extra added grip while at the same time being able to see your S9 Plus.
”Show off your phone!”

Peace of mind is good - We believe in the old saying Happy Customers Happy Life!
”Costco like return policy”